Children's Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Why remove Wisdom teeth?

The removal of your Wisdom Teeth (3rd Molars) is a very standard practice and if you are visiting our office your regular dentist has more than likely observed some reason for you to have these teeth evaluated for removal by the Oral Surgeon.  Some common reasons for recommending removal of these teeth can include pain, impaction (getting stuck) behind gum or bone in the mouth, infection, sideways presentation in the mouth, teeth coming in at an angle and possibly harming the healthy adjoining teeth, as well as symmetry needed for chewing.  Keep in mind, just because you aren’t having any of those issues doesn’t necessarily mean that the Wisdom Teeth do not need to be removed.  Your Surgeon may recommend removing these teeth as a preventive measure to avoid potential issues at a later stage in life, at which time it may be more difficult to undergo Wisdom Teeth surgery due to the hardening of the bones in your mouth as you age.  Your surgeon and surgical team are highly skilled and will review all aspects of your procedure to ensure that you are both comfortable and prepared for the treatment prior to the day of surgery.

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