Pediatric Biopsies & Frenectomies

Our Oral Surgeons may recommend performing a biopsy if your primary dentist observes an area of concern.  These procedures are very standard and normally can be performed under nitrous oxide (laughing gas) alone.  We work with a local pathology lab to obtain quick results that our Board Certified Oral Surgeons will review with you upon return.

A Frenectomy involves the removal of a muscular tissue within the mouth that may prevent movement between certain areas.  This area is called a frenulum or frenum and there are two common types of frenum’s in the mouth.  A Lingual Frenum is one that links the floor of your mouth to the bottom part of the tongue, if this frenum is limiting movement of the tongue then your surgeon may recommend removal.  Another more common type of frenum is a labial frenum, which is a connective tissue between the gums and upper lip- this tissue may also be limiting movement or structure of the lip and surrounding areas and need to be removed.  Your surgeon will discuss treatment options should removal be needed and the best anesthesia method under which to perform treatment.

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